Gigi Edgley from “Farscape” Releases Music Video for her Song “Closer”

Gigi Edgley returned to Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia this past Labor Day weekend. While there, she took time to sit down with TAM and discuss her latest film projects “Hashtag” and “Enuattii”. Editor’s note: The interview will be online as soon as we catch up from a backlog of work due to the hurricanes, Dragon Con 2017 and other events.

Aside from her film projects, Gigi was also at Dragon Con 2017 to host a costume contest, meet fans, and debut the music video for her song “Closer”. The video is a science fiction themed story directed by Jed Luczynski, who costars in the video as well.

Watch the video below, and be sure to follow Gigi Edgley online at her Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as her website.

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