We Love The Underground at Baltimore Soundstage (Aug 17, 2017)

Sweat was beginning to trickle down the side of a brow.  Anxiety…nervousness…it was apparent in the eyes of all those who gathered ‘round.  Time was running out.  Suddenly appearing – as if apparating into existence – a man hoisting a tray of tacos and quesadillas.  Rapture coated those previously dread-filled eyes, as We Love The Underground dug into its pre-concert meal, voraciousness overtaking their anxiousness.

“It’s 8:25!” one exclaimed.

“What!?” exclaimed guitarist, Eric McCullough, scrambling for his phone to discover it was merely 8:10, a decent 20 minutes until they were all set to take the stage.  His narrowing eyes pierced his fellow guitarist, Patrick Sise, who had initiated the panic, before all involved burst into a chuckle.  A light ribbing of one another seems to be the norm amongst these partners in crime.

With tacos eaten and quesadillas quite finished, we hurtled out of the restaurant near Baltimore Soundstage, sprinting across the street between herds of cars and rushed in the doors.  Now, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing We Love The Underground perform quite a bit throughout the years, ever since attending their second-ever concert together at The Circuit in Essex, MD back in 2014.  They’ve come quite a long way since then, and each set has seen them grow exponentially in both talent and ambition.  August 17 was no exception, with vocalist Brad Cox belting out high notes and the group debuting a brand new song entitled “Sevens,” along with plenty of older fan-favorites.  Despite being an opening band that night, you could see the delight upon the faces of those in attendance, and quite a few people rushed forward to shake the band members’ hands following the closing notes of their half-hour set.

Needless to say, if you’re given the chance, don’t miss this great act. And make sure to get those tacos to-go.

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