Ron Scalzo at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC

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Ron Scalzo, the artist formerly known as Q*Ball, as well as frontman of the metal band Return To Earth, celebrated his birthday last weekend, Nov. 12, at the Rockwood Music Hall in New York City. But unlike the traditional birthday party, Scalzo decided the best way to throw this bash was with a little less cake and a little more music. Sitting down at a Steinway & Sons piano, he was joined by the local three-piece Bandits On The Run, as well as a few more friends, to spread the joy he felt that night. I was in attendance as well, as a friend and photographer, to capture as much of this joy as I could manage. His set list consisted of a number of original tunes, such as “I’m Really Super,” which received a standing ovation (well, it was general admission, so everyone was standing); as well as a few covers ranging from Faith No More’s “Midlife Crisis,” to his encore of Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love Of All.” Needless to say, by the end of the night many were surprised, and all were impressed.

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Here are some photos of the occasion:

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