Interview: David Judson Clemmons on ‘Generation Vulture’

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David Judson Clemmons has had quite an extensive career.  He began his musical journey as a member of the duo, Ministers of Anger.  Then he was the frontman of the great, but short lived, prog metal band called Damn The Machine, featuring ex-Megadeth guitarist, Chris Poland.  But since the mid-90s he’s commanded an array of musical projects, including The Fullbliss, his own solo effort, as well as the subject of today’s conversation, the band which bears his name: JUD.

Check out our interview with Clemmons as we discuss his new album, Generation Vulture (review), the Syrian Refugee Crisis, and what he’d do if he was President Of The United States.

Generation Vulture, out Nov. 17th at:  iTunes | Amazon | From The Band [physical]

For more on David Judson Clemmons, visit:
Official Website

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