We Love The Underground in Baltimore

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We Love The Underground resurfaced last Thursday at Angel’s Rock Bar in Baltimore to grace listeners with a collection of songs from their back catalog, including a few from their recent album, Children Of The Program.  Though enticed by the bar’s free taco hour, the audience was sated by the group’s performance, garnished with an abundance of passion and intensity.  This was my second time seeing the ensemble, featuring Brad Cox [vocals], Eric McCullough and Patrick Sise [guitars], Joe Ruggiero [bass], Gary Holmes [drums], and a special appearance by producer, Tony Correlli on keys.  Though they impressed me previously, their latest performance was tighter than I’d experienced in the past.  I think it helped that I’d given the songs time to settle in too, as I found myself singing along as I snapped the photos below.  They also pulled out a surprise, performing AFI’s “Girls Not Grey.”  While I’m hardly a fan of that band, I admit that the song is a catchy one, and We Love The Underground brought an energy to it that electrified the crowd and myself.

The band, which opened the Monthly Mayhem concert, performed alongside others like Violence In Vanity, From Nothing, and Bridge To Divide.
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