The Masquerade Goes Out With The Wrecking Ball


The Masquerade, Atlanta’s multi-tiered music venue, has served as a landmark in the city since 1990. The North Avenue location is now slated for demolition (the venue itself will be moving to a new home on Fairmont Avenue) and will be throwing itself a hell of a wake with the aptly named Wrecking Ball festival on August 13-14.

Although just in its second year, The Wrecking Ball has made a name for itself by amassing some of the biggest punk and emo acts available. This year’s festival boasts more than 60 bands over two days, including reunion shows from Thursday, Piebald, The Promise Ring, Hey Mercedes, Milemarker and Rainer Maria as well as a farewell show by Motion City Soundtrack. Headliners include L7, Quicksand, Dinosaur Jr., Drive Like Jehu, Deafheaven and Gorilla Biscuits.

The event will also be supported by a small army of food trucks, local artists and record labels with plenty of goodies and swag available. This is your last chance to visit the legendary Masquerade and a rare chance to see such a strong roster of bands in one place. This is the year that can’t be missed.

Tickets to The Wrecking Ball are available here. Pre-show and late night “After Party” shows are available here. Find more information at The Masquerade and the official Wrecking Ball website.

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