Kelly Clarkson brought Piece By Piece Tour to Atlanta on Sept. 10

Photos by Danielle Boise

Kelly Clarkson brought her Piece By Piece Tour to Atlanta’s Aaron’s Ampitheatre on Thursday, September 10, for a rain filled evening that was intensified equally by both lightning and great pop tunes. The night hit a hiccup from the start, with the monsoon that hit Atlanta within minutes of the start of show. The weather caused a halt to the show, but after about a 40-min. delay, the all-clear was given and Abi Ana took the stage for a fun, quick three-song set, followed by Eric Hutchinson‘s abbreviated set. The five-piece acapella group Pentatonix took the stage and flooded the Amphitheatre with famous covers and remixes, including Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” and their new favorite song of the summer, Omi’s “Cheerleader.”

Clarkson took the stage with a happy heart and endearment towards her fans for staying and sticking out the bad weather to get a chance to see her perform her new songs, hits, and covers.

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