EP Review: ‘Gone Too Long’ by Milo McMahon

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Fuzztones and 50s twang are prominent features of Milo McMahon’s latest EP Gone Too Long. Weighing in at only three songs, this release is just enough to tease your appetite and take you back to the meal line saying “Please sir, may I have some more?” And more is what Milo seems to have in mind, as a recent announcement suggests crowdfunding for his second full-length album may be on the way.

Due to the extremely short nature of this release, let’s break it down song by song!

“Gone Too Long:” We start off with the title track, which is vocally breathy and a bit meditative. I was honestly a bit surprised by the tune, considering other songs I’d heard such as “Big City Hustle,” the title track from Milo’s first album, are more aggressive. On the other hand, the opener here has such an airy-atmosphere that by the time the guitar solo came around it felt as though our host might be floating away.

“Come Get Me Eyes:” This is the song that sucked me in. It leads off with a funky fuzztone riff that keeps building until the vocals come in, swelling with confidence. But the stop and go chorus is what really makes this a winner, with Milo’s voice sailing upwards while the music runs beneath to catch it wherever it may land. And who doesn’t like a singable solo paired with a horn section? I know I do.

And finally, “Buyin’ A Truck:” Truly the most unusual song in terms of subject matter. “I’ve been dreaming about buying a truck and picking you up at the airport.” And yet, that may be why this is the catchiest song on Milo’s short excursion between albums; it draws you in with its unusual lyrics and then plants you down in a seat and provides a refreshing musical treat.

None of these songs will change your world, but are an excellent snack if you’re interested in a little upbeat music that you can cram into a ten minute break.


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