Photo Gallery: Damien Rice at Atlanta’s Tabernacle Mar. 31

Photos by Danielle Boise

Filled with smoke and dim lighting, Damien Rice‘s kicked off his My Favourite Faded Fantasy Tour  with sultry and passionate songs that over took the Tabernacle for a special night with the artist on Tuesday, March 31 to a full seated house. It was a stripped down performance about the connection of from the artist to enthusiast via his provocative song set.

Set list: “My Favourite Faded Fantasy,” “9 Crimes,” “Elephant,” “The Professor & La Fille Danse,” “Delicate,” “I Don’t Want to Change You,” “Woman Like a Man,” “Cold Water,” “The Greatest Bastard,” “Amie/Sex Change,” “Older Chests,” “Grey Room,” “Volcano,” “Coconut Skins” and ended the regular set with “The Blower’s Daughter.” For the encore Rice played, “Trusty and True” and ended the evening with “I Remember.”

Full Photo Gallery of Damien Rice

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