CD Review: ‘The American Dream Died’ by Agnostic Front

It has been 4 long years, but legendary hardcore band Agnostic Front is back with The American Dream Died. The band wastes no time voicing its disgust of government corruption. Vocalist Roger Miret gives a scathing commentary on the title track, covering everything from multinational corporations to American imperialism. Musically, the band thrashes along like it is 1985. Things heat up on “Police Violence,” which is a condemnation on police brutality. The song does not explicitly mention the deaths of Michael Brown or Eric Garner, however, it is not a stretch to state that this song is based on these incidents among others. Agnostic Front has always generated controversy, but the band must be commended for not avoiding touchy topics like police brutality and racism. The band does not let up on the pummeling “Only in America,” which criticizes the treatment of veterans in the U.S. Roger belts out “Land of the free/home of the brave/they fought for freedom/but now they’re treated just like slaves.” The band still stresses the importance of unity and staying strong. The hardcore boogie “We Walk the Line” is as uplifting as it is tough. “Never Walk Alone” is a tribute to the hardcore life and the band itself. It would not be an Agnostic Front album without a track dedicated to the hardcore scene right?

The production is top notch thanks to Freddy Cricien of Madball behind the helm. The sound is crisp and no instrument drowns out the other. Vinnie’s Stigma’s guitar riffs are clear as a bell while Pokey Mo’s drumming punches through the speakers. There is no muffling or compression, which is a major positive.

Agnostic Front show no signs of slowing down after 30 plus years in. So long as life is hard and injustice present, Roger Miret and the guys will have something to say. The American Dream Died is a straight up unapologetic hardcore record. New York’s finest has done it again.

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