CD Review: ‘Hidden Evolution’ by Angelus Apatrida

Spanish thrash outfit Angelus Apatrida are set to make its mark with Hidden Evolution, its fifth record. The opening track “Immortal” has a latter day Exodus feel due to its intricate riffs and brutal drumming. However, the band is not interested in mimicking the thrash revival sound that is popular today. Instead, the sound is modernized but familiar as to not throw off anyone. “First World of Terror” opens with tribal drumming before switching gears into full on trash mode. The song is patriotic in nature, with the defiant chorus of “fight for freedom ’til my last breath.” There is no breathing space as “Architects” picks up where the former left off. There is a seamless cut from groove to syncopated riffs on this track that works quite well. The blistering “Serpents on Parade” is take-no-prisoners thrash that swirls as the title states. “Wanderers Forever” stomps along like a frazzled soldier on the front line before speeding up midpoint. The standout track is the record’s debut single “End of Man,” an epic track that is both complex and accessible.

The sound on this record is quite thick. However, it is not overwhelming as the guitars sound sharp and the leads piercing. The production is similar to latter Exodus (there I go again) and Testament, but that is certainly not a bad thing. Frontman and guitarist Guillermo “Polako” Izquierdo does not imitate Zetro or Chuck Billy and has a voice of his own. The heaviness of the production only gives the songs an extra kick.

Hidden Evolution should bring new fans to Angelus Apatrida and is an early album of the year contender. The band possesses great musical ability and will only improve with each subsequent release. That said, one should lookout for this band as it will cause a stir in the metal world.

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