CD Review: ‘Come And Get It’ by Blind Race

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Whoa! Talk about an EP that wastes no time knocking you off your feet. Come And Get It is the new powerhouse release from the Toronto, Canada band, Blind Race, and the name is as much a challenge as it is an invitation. From the onset of the opening track, “Hypocrite,” the aggression flows likes a broken dam; first a foreboding commotion before you find yourself swept away in the current. Somehow the alternative metallers step up the intensity even further with the title track, with points of the song reminding me of Slipknot, not only in the manner of playing but in the tonality of lead singer, Tommy Geraldes. He brings just enough grit, aggression, and guttural emotion to drive the music to a level that it might not have obtained with another vocalist. This one will hit you right in your hypothalamus!

Despite self-classifying as alternative metal, Blind Race is far from a one-chord pony (hooves don’t have a lot of reach). Rhythmically, they bring a groove that will move a body from a state of rest to mosh-pit antics in little to no time at all. But one need simply to listen to the tune “Truth Or Dare” to discover the guitarist, Costas Kentros, has a few tricks up his sleeve. Sweep picking and Middle Eastern guitar themes are just a couple of the things that make this enjoyable release stand out from the crowd. The group even does Southern Rock better than some bands from the Southern States. The only thing I dislike about the track “Gone” is that it doesn’t even make it to the two-minute mark. Seems like such a waste, but I suppose it’s always better to leave the crowd wanting more.

While this effort doesn’t even clock in at 20 min., it certainly leaves a lasting impression. In such a short time it manages to knock you down, pick you up, sweep you off your feet again and buy you a drink. Come And Get It offers a variety of tunes, each with an unmistakable catchiness that seeps through its emotional, aggressive nature. I wasn’t familiar with Blind Race before, but if this is a snapshot of their sound, I will have to put an end to that state of ignorance!


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