Concert Review: Electric Sons, Baby Baby, Cousin Dan

Creative Loafing hosted its 2014 Free Show at the Drunken Unicorn this past Friday, Dec. 5, and it was a night of bright lights and hilarity. The three acts brought their personal flair to the night. There really was not anything that put a damper to the night. Their homecoming was not only an homage to the beautiful city and women of Atlanta, but a huge thank you to Red Bull Sound Select, the people that sent them across the country.

Cousin Dan was the bringer of in between music. He is an act that has a flair similar to Moby, which pays homage to disc jockeys that would be considered ¨retro¨ to the many Millenials that graced the show last night. But to set himself apart, a lot of his music catered to the different tastes of the crowd, from recent pop to some older 2000s and 90s hits.

In between the Cousin sessions were Baby Baby and Electric Sons. Baby Baby is a hard hitting, rag tag bunch, and their performance went further than the tiny little stage at The Drunken Unicorn: literally. The first song they played, ¨Haters,¨ set the tone for their set, which would make any living soul dance and mosh, and Baby Baby will tell ‘ya. They went from their older tracks to some new tracks from Big Boy Baller Club, and finally finished off their set with ¨Fire!¨

¨This was our first show back in Atlanta after a long while,” rookie bassist Hsiang-Ming Wen noted when I stopped by to chat while he was at the merchandise table. ¨It really was great to come back to our friends in the audience, I really missed Atlanta after going all over the country.¨**

Electric Sons closed out the night with their show of dreamy pop rock and colorful lights. I have seen Electric Sons in the past, and they are a group that certainly does not disappoint. They did seem to be a little bummed when they had a few technical difficulties, thus only showcasing one new song instead of two. Nonetheless, the new song they did play was pretty awesome. Most of their music had a moderate tempo, but their newest track that they played had a quicker pace, making it very fun to bop around to. Their show makes me look forward to what their new EP has in store, lots of great potential!

All in all, the Free Show was a great success. Atlanta is a great hub of musicians of which their diversity is what sets us apart from our major city counterparts. There is no way to really describe ¨Atlanta’s music scene¨ but to experience it yourself.

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