CD Review: ‘Caught Between a Truth and a Lie’ by Andy Wood

Knoxville, TN – Guitar guru Andy Wood may be recognized as the multi-talented lead guitarist for Scott Stapp (founding frontman of multi-platinum rockers Creed), but is charging out on his own with a brand new, 24-track (acoustic/electric) double album, entitled Caught Between The Truth and a Lie, out today via HOLMZ Music/Andy Wood Music LLC.

The guitar playing on Caught Between a Truth and a Lie is inspirational, aggressive, and sometimes down right scary. The bluegrass songs have a Django on speed quality bringing a legendary feel to a down home feel. “Goodnight Moon” was a pleasant surprise with its motherly singing and comforting tone. “Alternate Crossing” has a Doyle Dykes kind of feel. “Time” brings to mind a progressive rock and is followed by the grungier sounding “Dust and Ashes” making quite an unusual blend “A Lie,” “Tokyo,” and “Of Elf and Man” are classic shredstrumentals in style of Vai and Malmsteen. “Got a Light” is bursting through with Black Label society, but with John Petrucci adding to the Wylde event. “The Ballad of Ricky and Cal” seems to be following John 5’s footsteps. “Sugar Hill Road” and “The Cowboy Rides Away” are in the bendier style of playing like pedal steel player and countless guitar players.

With one listen to Caught Between a Truth and a Lie, it’s clear that Andy Wood has it all and more.

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