Atlanta’s Chambers of Horror is scary as hell

If you love Halloween more than any holiday, then you need to take a trip to the Chambers of Horror haunted house located behind the Masquerade in Atlanta. The haunt has been around for a while and in 2013 Walking Dead set director Luke Godfrey and horror fan Rene Arriagada decided to add a new story line. It seems like in 2014 their efforts are paying off because they say it’s been their biggest turnout yet and they are still looking for more actors to help them scare the hell out of those who decide to attend.

I’ve wanted to venture out to the Chambers of Horror for the past 3 years, but at the time, none of my friends liked Halloween. So I decided to make new friends and rekindle relationships with old ones who love the holiday. My friend Colleen from college and I spent Saturday, Oct. 18 at the Little 5 parade and when the Chambers of Horror float rode by us, I knew it was time to finally take the plunge and venture out to the Masquerade. Colleen wasn’t as excited as I was initially, but once we signed an actual waver telling us that we could get seriously hurt and offended, she perked up quite a bit. We were greeted by a demented clown, a male stripper dressed in drag and got our picture taken with the corpse of a dead woman. Without giving anything away, just be warned: you will get incredibly scared.

Before you go to the Chambers of Horror, make sure you don’t wear anything fancy because various bodily fluids (aka water) will get on you. Ladies and men who dress in drag: don’t wear heels because you’ll probably bust your ass and you will be mocked by the staff because you signed a waiver allowing them to cuss and yell at you. The cast and crew have done such a great job for one of the most creative experiences you will ever have.

Chambers of Horror is adults ages 18+ due to horror and adult material.

The Chambers of Horror is open through Nov. 1, and is located at 695 North Ave NE, Atlanta, Georgia.

If you’re interested in being a cast member of the Chambers of Horror for the remainder of the 2014 season contact Dr. Splatter at

Tickets are $17. For more information visit

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