Live Review: Wand and the majestic mullet

I went to a Ty Segall concert over a week ago and had one of the coolest times.   The show was absolutely fantastic, especially for the price.  The band Wand (who opened for Segall) are on that Ty Segall same-level talent, just not as well known and I need for them to be.

When I got to the show, I walked around to the merch table and saw a group of guys standing and a woman selling CD’s, Vinyl and even tapes for all the bands.  I asked her what genre of music Wand falls under since I had no idea.  She told me that “there is no genre for Wand other than amazing” as she pointed to the guys behind her, informing me that they were in the band Wand.

The most noticeable Wand member was a short man donning a mullet.  I thought to myself “that man has a mullet” and didn’t think much more.

Later, Wand hit the stage and the man with a mullet hair style plopped down on his drum stool and that mullet came to life.  It was like a glowing, majestic halo wafting in the breeze as he pounded away on his drum kit.  Now, I don’t want to say that any member of the band is the most talented but I couldn’t stop paying attention to that drummer.  He is amazing and one of the best drummers I’ve seen live.

Seeing Wand for only 45 min. left me wanting more.

After the show, I had to find out more information about Wand so I listened to their debut album Ganglion Reef, which is available for purchase on iTunes and the Drag City Records website.

Wand is a Los Angeles-based four piece band featuring Cory Hanson on the vocals, guitar and synth, Daniel Martens on guitar, Lee Landey on bass and the mullet god of drumming, Evan Burrows.

Like all of the artists on their label, the band’s fuzzy guitar riffs are apparent while the breakdowns are addicting.  Wand also relies heavily on their talented drummer that gives more of a polished and psychedelic sound that they are going for reminiscent of Youth Wagon, but a harder rock and roll version.

Their album Ganglion Reef starts off strong with “Send/Receive (Mind),” with a loud strumming of the guitar that sounds like a Tarzan call.  But my favorite songs are by far “Fire on the Mountain (I-II-III),” “Flying Golem,” “Strange Inertia (Ctrl Alt Death)” and “On Ganglion Reef.”  It was one of the few times I enjoyed an album in its entirety without skipping a song.  Every song has something different.

If you’re inclined to do so, please check out Wand’s music and see them live.  They don’t have a website, but they do have an album available for purchase and are currently on tour.

If you’re too afraid to make the wise decision in purchasing the Wand album without listening to it first, check out “Flying Golem” on Soundcloud or this decent enough fan made live YouTube video.


Additional tour dates

Thu. Sep. 25 – Seattle, WA @ Therapy

Sat. Sept. 27 – Portland, OR @ The Know PDX

Mon. Sept. 29 – San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop

Tue. Sept. 30 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo w/ La Luz

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