Live Review: Crash Midnight at The Masquerade

Crash Midnight, Live at The Masquerade

Recently, KISS bassist Gene Simmons caused quite a ruckus by stating in an interview with Esquire Magazine that “Rock is Finally Dead.” I’m not sure if I agree with the “God Of Thunder” on that point. While I admit that the system is definitely flawed, the influx of new, hungry, rock and roll torch-bearers will always be there to breath new life into the genre. And with the cyclical nature of the music business, rock will utimately return to mainstream society and rule the airwaves as it once did. All it needs is some new lifenew bands to rev up the engine one more time. One such band is the Boston-based Crash Midnight.

Crash Midnight plays no-frills, guitar based rock and roll and write songs about partying, women and the rock and roll lifestyle. I had a chance to catch up with them at their recent tour stop in Atlanta at The Masquerade, where they were filling the opening slot for headliners The Pretty Reckless and Adelita’s Way.

The band hit the stage with plenty of energy. Set opener “151” was Crash Midnight on full-tilt, with lead singer Shaun Soho weaving his way between bandmates on the equipment-filled stage. “City Girl” showcased some nice interplay between guitarists Alex Donaldson and Tony Pizzo. It’s easy to tell that these guys enjoy what they do, and they put a lot of effort into their performance.

While it’s obvious that Crash Midnight proudly wear the influences on their sleeves ( and on their t-shirts for that matter, i.e. the large ‘Hanoi Rocks’ emblazoned on Shaun Soho’s sleeveless T), the inclusion of the Guns N Roses classic “Mr. Brownstone” was a curious choice. “Brownstone” was a straight run-through of the original, and considering that Crash Midnight will be issuing their first full length album later on this year (titled Lost In The City), I would have much rather have heard some more of their own original material. As an opening band, you’ve only got a good 20 min. tops to impress an audience, so I’d hit them with your best. But ultimately, no harm, no foul as the crowd responded nicely to their choice.

Crash Midnight, Live at The Masquerade

Crash Midnight won over the Atlanta crowd and are off to a fine start to their musical careers. While their style of music isn’t exactly groundbreaking, it is fun, and they do it well.

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