If you enjoy induced vomit you’ll love The Black Lips

Every now and then you get so excited about a band you try to buy their overpriced tickets off StubHub the day before a concert because the venue sold out. That was the case for me last year when The Black Lips played to a sold out show at Variety Playhouse in Atlanta. Well, this year was my chance to see them live because my friend invited me to go with her to the Forecastle Festival in Louisville Kentucky.

Most music reviews start off like, “the band’s sound is something peculiar that is indescribably amazing.” Well, this will not be one of those reviews because I am repulsed.

To prepare myself for a Black Lips show– I watched their YouTube videos, purchased their music and listened to most of their discography on Spotify. I also followed them on Twitter for safe measures. I definitely was going to make up for all the fun I didn’t have missing them the year before.

Friday, July 19 I got to the stage early because I’m from Atlanta and have never been to Kentucky or the Forecastle Festival.  Since I predicted the stages would be spread I left at 1:45 p.m. and got there at 1:48 p.m. which meant I got a front row spot.

While they were setting up, I stared down the bass player to make eye contact and we both smiled at each other—acknowledgement from band checked off my list. Then, it started raining which I didn’t mind because I wasn’t going to miss it. After 45 minutes of waiting I turned around and noticed I was up front at a packed Black Lips show and felt a little important.  When it was time for the performance, the band introduced themselves and the crowd went crazy.

As someone who tries to find the positive in a bad situation–I’ll go ahead and start off with the fact that I enjoyed the bass player.  He seemed to generally have fun and interacted with the crowed.  Now, I’m not sure if the band is four piece of three piece because I don’t even remember seeing the drummer.  I was too focused on the lead singer pounding away at his guitar moaning into the microphone.

Their sound live is exactly what I mentioned above—indescribable because I couldn’t understand a single world coming out of the lead singer’s mouth. After a couple of what I guess were songs, I turned around and  I saw a bunch of girls with flower crowns smiling  with glee and mouthing words to whatever song they thought they were hearing and felt like I should’ve switched places because they were enjoying the show more than me.

Then, disgusting set in. The lead singer wearing a signature hipster head condom and oversized knock off Kurt Cobain styled grunge shirt equipped with holes and caked dirt– thought it would be a good idea (and I guess this is part of his shtick) to spit in the air and catch it in his mouth. Then, he tried to induce vomit and the guy next to me said “I think he just tried to puke.” I nodded and I turned around again to see if the flower crowned gypsies were still mouthing the words and they were.

Then, I looked up front at the security guys laughing at me because my resting bitch face was I guess very pronounced and visible.  One of the security guys standing under the bassist mouthed “what the fuck is this shit” and we bonded immediately and continued eye making fun of them throughout the duration of the show.  I maintain if it wasn’t for the security guards I would’ve left the show early.

I’ve come to the conclusion, if you enjoy vomit, wailing, moaning and spit catching you’ll fit in at a Black Lips show.  They sound so much better on Spotify and you won’t witness the disgusting display that is the Black Lips lead singer

I guess I had a guardian angel last year because I would’ve been pissed if I overpaid via Stubhub to see that nonsense live.  Hopefully they don’t hit the bong too hard or drink in excess before shows in the future.  I really wanted to like them live.   Thank God I saw Outkast later in the day to make me feel pride for my city again.

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