Atlanta Ballet presents Stephen Mills’ Hamlet


Atlanta Ballet presents Stephen Mills’ Hamlet

By Bonnie M. Morét

Passionate choreography laced with a captivating score, artful set designs and exquisite lighting … Elsinore will never be the same after seeing the Atlanta Ballet’s presentation of Stephen Mills’ Hamlet.  This company never fails to impress the audience.

The ballet begins near the play’s ending with Hamlet, John Welker, mortally wounded. Pablo Sanchez, one of the players, grieves.
Hamlet, John Welker, and Ophelia, Tara Lee, share a moment of passion.
Hamlet, John Welker, reflects on the events that brought him to this place.
A scene of Hamlet, John Welker, before dying.
Hamlet, John Welker, envisions the betrayal of his mother Gertrude, Rachel Van Buskirk, and Hamlet’s uncle Claudius, Jonah Hooper, who murdered of Hamlet’s father. The ghost on the floor is Thom Panto.
John Welker and Tara Lee, Hamlet and Ophelia.
Hamlet, John Welker with his mother Gertrude, Rachel Van Buskirk.
Ophelia’s Dream. L-R: Tara Lee, Yoomi Kim, Kiara Felder and Jackie Nash.
Everyone gathers for Ophelia’s funeral.
After seeing Ophelia’ lifeless body, Hamlet dreams of happier times. Tara Lee and John Welker.
The duel between Hamlet, John Welker and Laertes, Heath Gill.
Gertrude has been poisoned and mortally wounded Hamlet rests atop his mother. L-R: Miguel Angel Montoya, standing, John Welker, Rachel Van Buskirk, Pedro Gamino, and Pablo Sanchez, seated.

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