Kyng Burn the Serum review, a rocking breath of fresh air

Kyng Burn the Serum review recalls early ’90s Corrosion of Conformity

Kyng Burn The Serum review of April 15 release by Jerel Johnson
Kyng Burn The Serum review of April 15 release by Jerel Johnson

By Jerel Johnson

California trio Kyng’s sophomore effort Burn the Serum is a rocking breath of fresh air. The title track is reminiscent of early ’90s Corrosion of Conformity with its Southern swagger and galloping riffs. The stoner tinge of “Sewn Shut” is an exercise of introspective solitude thanks to a weeping riff by frontman and guitarist Eddie Veliz. The bluesy, yet heavy “Faraway” features a scooping riff that picks you up and slams you hard. The slow driving riffs of “Self Medicated Man” crush like a bulldozer while the simple lead cuts like warm butter. “The Ode” is a standout track that conjures Black Sabbath in its fuzzy, crunchy glory.

Burn the Serum is a solid hard rock record that is heavy, yet accessible. Several cuts on the album are definitely radio friendly, like “Electric Halo.” However, the album is heavy enough for hard rock and metal purists. This is largely due to Andrew Alekel producing the record. Alekel has worked with similar artists including Queens of the Stone Age and Clutch. Thus, the vintage rock sound is present here with a modern twist. Still, Kyng does not imitate either band and retains its own sound. The band pays homage to its influences, however Kyng cannot be accused of jumping on a trend. Burn the Serum shows a band that has improved musically and lyrically. The past couple years brought Kyng much success such as performing at several national festivals. Burn the Serum could be the record that puts them at the top of the rock mountain.

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