The Music of Karen Briggs Took Center Stage at Suite Food Lounge on Feb. 20

Karen Briggs plays with a focused sound and a fast, continuous vibrato.
Karen Briggs plays the violin with muscular clarity and Stanley Ingram accompanied nicely on the drums.
Quality sound and excellent playing were delivered seamlessly by Karen Briggs with Mark Strowbridge on guitar.
Listening pleasure comes from the cool luster of Karen Briggs’ notes. It is like a journey through a precisely limned musical landscape.
As Karen Briggs played, it was always the music that took center stage.
Karen Briggs commanded all available space with her presence and sound.
Karen Briggs is the epitome of beautiful swiftness and musical instinct.
Karen’s energetic motion had her whipping her bow in full circles at the end of musical phrases.
There was a delicious variety in the instrument’s tones, all of them unfailingly lovely, coupled with Karen’s understanding of style, and a her daringness in letting the moods be shaped by individual artistic rendering.

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