CD Review: Bravesoul ‘The Infinite Hourglass’

Bravesoul The Infinite Hourglass


Bravesoul takes its name and bravely exposes the heart and soul of the band through The Infinite Hourglass, which is set to be released February 18. The 5-track EP takes the Los Angeles based alt-rock trio’s expansive soundscape to a new level by beautifully blending together layers of rock with a bit of a bluesy heart. Bravesoul elementally brings together their musical resonance, which is reminiscent to that of Imagine Dragon blended together with Kings of Leon and then minced together with a dash of Muse, and sets it on fire.



“Timebomb” starts The Infinite Hourglass in a dramatic splash of musical color with electronic beats, heavy drums, that have a primal pull to them, and Marty Rod’s silky voice singing “you’ve been lying next to me like a timebomb, but I can’t find the words to speak” resonates with losing everything.



“If The Morning Ever Comes” has an anthemic  draw to the track, with a reverb that feels like FUN. , as Rod’s voice bevels and swoon’s as he sings “Cuz I can hardly feel a thing.”



“Animals” languishes, at it produces a raw, sexual appeal with a bluesy rock bent as Rod sings “you let me down” repeatedly then draws out each note heavily as his voice evolves into a high pitch. There is a journey the song takes as it builds to a swell, very reminiscent to Muse’s cover the Nina Simone classic “Feeling Good.”



“Annie” has a catchy prophetic lyrics, “too old to be scared, too young to be safe” with a OneRepublic bent, as Rod sings “sitting here like puppets on string.”



“By Ourselves” strikes a balance between being delicately sweet and somewhat somber, yet holds an element of hopefulness to the tune. When listening to “By Ourselves” I imagine a scene out of New York City, with a couple doing the relationship dance; caught between the ebb and flow of love. Rod’s voice with the accompaniment of Jacq Becker’s melon collie escalates with yearning, a desire from “we can hang on for awhile” to “closing my eyes till I hear your voice” to “tell me love, once more,  we will be ever after” and finally to “we can’t live like strangers.” With the knowledge that you can love someone so hard, desperate to make the relationship work. Even though you know it ultimately will only leave you shredded inside, but still struggling through. That’s the whole that I took way from listening to the closing song, “By Ourselves” which, for me, is the most powerful song on the EP.



Like most bands, Bravesoul takes love and loss and makes music, but not just music. Bravesoul‘s music speaks to the listener on a molecular level. The arrangements are striking. Creating a perfect blend of harmonies and melodies that pushes the listener to experience the rollercoaster ride that is love’s brave chaos. Bravesoul does The Infinite Hourglass justice, with gorgeous lyrics that becomes a musical sonnet of bittersweet anguish that’s defined by the devotion of ardor. The wonderful melodies and catching chorus will hook you instantly.



If you are a fan of Muse, OneRepublic, Young the Giant, Kings of Leon or Imagine Dragon then this is band you will want to take for a spin.  Take 20 minutes out of your schedule and listen to The Infinite Hourglass, it is worthy of your time.


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