CD review: ‘Red Balloon’ EP by Hotel Sleep



The City of Angeles trio, known as Hotel Sleep brings together a fusion of rock and dubstep, while mixing together elements of house beats to create a crisp and refreshing soundscape on their debut EP, Red Balloon, which was released earlier this year on April 16.


The electronic rock trio brings more than just dance beats into its music. Hotel Sleep culminates the essence of heart and soul in the 5-song EP, which runs just over 18 minutes in length and creates a musical haven of ecstasy.


Red Balloon starts off with the electrifying “Alone With You” that pulsates and sends shivers as David Matevosyan  breathes life into the lyrics “all we are and all we bring, it’s so hard to feel anything.”  With overlaying synthized beats “Closer” dominates the airwaves and makes your body want to break into pieces, only to be made new all over again as the house beats ripples over the melody.  “Dry Your Eyes” makes you just want to continue dancing the night away. “Speed of Sound” vibrates to the core, but makes you question everything and nothing all at the same time, as you get lost inside the song itself. Red Balloon ends with the heady and emotionally charged “There’s a Way.”


What I have to say is the most astonishing thing that Hotel Sleep does with Red Balloon is that the band successfully masters making the listener feel with incredible intensity. The EDM realm is full of club beats and synthized songs, but to make the listener get not only lost in the beat, but into the lyrical content by creating the perfect balance is beyond an amazing feat.


There is not one song on Red Balloon that is not gripping and absolutely fantastic as dance and heartbreak melds together to create a fascinating ride. Take Red Balloon for a spin, you won’t regret it.



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