CD Review of The Filthy Souls Self-Titled EP



CD Review by Danielle Boise


Brit indie-rockers, The Filthy Souls are getting ready to take the world by storm with its self-titled debut EP, released on Aug. 23 from Drilldown Entertainment.  Just shy of 32 minutes, The Filthy Souls EP is a fantastic, fascinating eargasm of sexy, gritty music that leaves you salivating for more. I literally could not stop listening to this EP on repeat, it’s that good. Get ready for these Manchester gents, they are going to rock your world.

The 7-track EP starts off in an electrifying way with the gritty, lustrous “Cold Hearts.” There is a fire bound aggressiveness to the lyrics drenched in anger “How could you lie, to my face? I’m better off on my own. ‘Cause baby this Love is dead,” that pulsates with a driving need.


“Destroy You” takes on a retro vibe with the baseline similar to Adele’s “Rumor Has It,” but notches it up a bit as it transitions into a solid rock song with pop sensibilities. I love how Dave Green’s voice drips all over this song, making it more than just a contemporary top 40 song, making “Destroy You” the foundation of which to build its musical statement to the world. There is a hue of irony with the upbeat nature of the song, yet the lyrical content is “she’ll destroy you” echoes throughout the chorus.


“Drowning My Numbers” shows a softer, more vulnerable side to the band. Allowing a real connection to nurture and develop between The Filthy Souls and the listener.  While “Boys Will Be Out For A Fight” has this dirty1960s bayou sound circa Sam The Sham and The Pharaoh’s circa 1966’s classic “Little Red Riding Hood.” I would have to say “Monsters” is one of the sexiest songs on the EP. There is something about Green singing “she sees monsters” that just grabs at the heart and pulls at your loins.


In addition to the seven tracks, there are two dance remixes of “Destroy You” (Moxie Youth Remix & Lester Burnham Remix) on the EP that translates nicely into two different dance versions of the song nicely. I’ve gone back and forth to which one I prefer, and any given moment it changes.


The Filthy Souls have been one of my favorite finds this year. I highly recommend checking them out and taking the EP for a spin – you won’t regret it.


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