Interview with Don Chaffin of V.O.X.



Interview by  Kaitlin Dorriety


Voices of eXtreme has had an interesting career since their beginning. Their first album, Hypocrisy, was released in 2005 and was a major hit. Voices of eXtreme will release its new album, Break the Silence on Oct. 29. Recently, I had the chance to interview Don Chaffin about V.O.X.’s career and the release of their new CD.


What was the inspiration behind Break the Silence?


Many personal situations and relationships during the last few years as well as trying to negotiate getting the band back together in one cohesive state.


Which is each of your favorite songs on the album? Why?


Truthfully, they are all our favorites; however, I am fairly partial to “Apocalypse,” “More Than Anything” and “Tell Me What it Takes.”


Did you have any trouble with any of the lyrics?


No trouble at all … I just take the emotions of what I’m experiencing at that particular time and apply it to the lyrics in regard to this band and what we are going through as a unit.


Did you have any trouble with composing?


No, this band has been together for nine years and Bobby, Nick and myself fit like a glove in regard to composing so when it comes to tracking in the studio … it’s just a natural state for us.


Did anyone have a disagreement to how a song was?


Yes, we are like brothers and have our fair share of bickering along the way; however, we always come together when it comes to getting the finished product out.


Did your first album get as successful as you had hoped?


It certainly helped us open many doors, although the sales were not as big as we would like. We have no regrets and really still love the album.


What was it like playing with Godsmack? 


Tremendous experience, great guys and it was a sold out show in Portland Maine which made it very exciting for Voices of eXtreme. The audience loved us and we still get great comments years later.


What was it like playing with Alice in Chains?


They are one of my favorite bands so it was truly an honor. It was a festival and although Nicko McBrain played on stage with us for “The Trooper, ”we went on much earlier than Alice in Chains so we didn’t get a chance to actually meet them. There were many other great bands on that same stage that evening including PowerMan5000.

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