Pistol Day Parade – Burn CD Review

pistoldayparade burn


CD Review by Jackson Thomas


Pistol Day Parade recently released its new album, Burn. From start to finish, this album blew me away. Pistol Day Parade put together a great CD, with emotions ranging from the condescending anger in “Rockstar’s Girlfriend” to the introspection of “Angels on Fire.” The lyrics for each song are brilliantly chosen to convey the message behind the meaning of each song. The band offers a blend of southern rock and some heavy metal, but never seems bound by a single sound. They can change almost seamlessly from the heavier sounds to the slower music, and bring as much emotion to one as the other, and the result is a full album that never gets stale from a repeated sound.


The new album, however, is completely free from some apparent fault, but the faults to be noted in this album are purely subjective, and one could easily argue that the faults I would find in the CD are, in fact, not faults at all and may even be assets of the sound Burn brings to the table. That being said, I wonder how much more Pistol Day Parade could have offered. While the LP is great for a lover of heavy southern rock, I, for one, would not necessarily consider the sound completely unique. However, there is nothing wrong with hitting one’s stride and sticking to it.


That being said, I highly recommend purchasing Burn as it is a very enjoyable album. As I am writing this, I cannot stop listening to the CD. From start to finish, the flow of the Burn is just good. It certainly ranks among the some of the most talented bands within the genre, and the lyrics are memorable enough to be playing in your head for a long time (but in a good way. Not that annoying way like Miley Cyrus). I would guarantee that listening to Burn will make you a fan of Pistol Day Parade, as it did to me.

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