Tantric 37 Channels Album Review



CD Review by Danielle Boise


Taking an evolutionary step with their musical soundscape denotes Tantrics fifth studio album, 37 Channels, which was released from Pavement Entertainment (of which Tantric recently signed with) on Sept. 17. With a sense of renewal, 37 Channels marks a diverging path for Tantric, allowing the electronic rock band to integrate southern infused classic rock and old school country into the mix. Note that what makes 37 Channels such an interesting album to consume is the roster of talented guest musicians that they collaborated with, like Shooter Jennings and David “2B” Mouser on “Mosquita.”


“Again” starts the 13-track 37 Channels off with this rough, almost dirty guitar heavy sound with a reverb kick back that tantalizes the senses. While “Blue Room” is a gritty southern infused blues song with a rock edge to it that leaves you crawling around in your skin trying to shed it; yes, it’s that good of a song. “Mosquita” is highly addictive, leaving you wanting to play it over and over again. “Gravity” starts to show the softer side of Tantric, not quite a ballad, rather a rock serenade. Now “Loss for Words” makes me think of “Voodoo” in the beginning. But then reveals itself as a love song of sorts that juggles the emotional content of a relationship, as the song walks the fine line between love and passion, and the dividing factor of hate.


Nearly an hour in length, 37 Channels offers fans a deeper appreciation of the talent that truly is Tantric, but ascends to a new level with unexpected content that stirs up emotions to diverging thoughts. There is not one track off the album that doesn’t elevate their already driven sound to a freeing level.


If you like your rock with a little bit of grit and dirt, then take 37 Channels for a spin; you won’t regret it.



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