God Is An Astronaut Releases Origins on September 17

God is an Astronut



CD Review by Danielle Boise


Take an intergalactic spin with the Irish post-rock band God Is An Astronaut’s latest release, Origins, which will be released off of Rocket Girl on Sept. 17. The electronically-fueled Origins marks God Is An Astronaut’s seventh full-length studio album with 12-tracks that will leave you feeling lofty, weightless, and traveling through space and time in a bubble of your own beliefs.


Origins starts off with the ambience of “The Last March” then pushes through to “Calistoga” with an edge and more of a bit, but it’s really “Transmissions” that levels the playing field and by far one of my personal favorite tracks on the album.


Originssoundscape is incandescent and vibrational intense, as God Is An Astronaut literally transforms your mind by creating an interim to allow an opening to occur where the listener is effusively exposed to the ability to abundantly explore the possibilities of the world around and beyond them through the use of electronica with bits of post-rock to create the ultimate experience. For fans of space rock, Origins is transcendent and by far some of the strongest material that God Is An Astronaut has put out to date.


If you like music that will take you to a different level, then Origins is a must. Look for God Is An Astronaut to be out on tour soon in support of Origins.

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