A Look at The Cult’s 8/17 Show at The Tabernacle

Photo Courtesy of Andy Buchanan
Photo Courtesy of Andy Buchanan


Live Review by Jenna Hughes Photo Courtesy of The Cult & Andy Buchanan


Legendary rockers The Cult took over The Tabernacle in Atlanta on Aug. 17 to perform the 1987 album Electric in its entirety. On their first tour since the release of 2012’s Choice of Weapon, Ian Astbury and company seemed happy as ever to be back on stage playing music.


Astbury, clad in a fur lined coat and sunglasses for the duration of the night, was the epitome of cool as the band kicked off with “Wild Flower” and continued with “Peace Dog,” “Lil’ Devil,” and the rest of the Electric album without missing a beat.


As expected of a band that has been around since 1983, The Cult was not as rowdy as it used to be, but the music was nonetheless enjoyable. The overall atmosphere inside the Tabernacle was mellow and laid back, as fans swayed to the music and sang along to their favorite songs.


Photo Courtesy of The Cult
Photo Courtesy of The Cult

The band took a short intermission, then came back for a second set, which began with the classic Cult song “Rain.” Fans were treated to newer songs such as “Honey From a Knife” and “For the Animals,” as well as classics like “Sweet Soul Sister” and the iconic “She Sells Sanctuary.”


Set List

First Set: Electric album

“Wild Flower,” “Peace Dog,” “Lil’ Devil,” “Aphrodisiac Jacket,” “Electric Ocean,” “Bad Fun,” “King Contrary Man,” “Love Removal Machine,” “Zap City,” “Outlaw,” “Memphis Hip Shake”

Second Set:

“Rain,” “Honey From a Knife,” “Sweet Soul Sister,” “Lucifer,” “Embers,” “The Phoenix,” “Rise,” “For the Animals,” “She Sells Sanctuary”


Spiritwalker” and “Sun King”

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