Bombadil’s Metrics of Affection CD Review


In July 2013, Bombadil released its newest album entitled Metrics of Affection. The band quite literally returned to its roots and recorded the new release in the band’s old house in Durham, North Carolina. Band members Daniel Michalak, James Phillips, Bryan Rahija and Stuart Robinson decided to self-produce their new music and made sure that everything possible was done within the confines of the band. The group wrote, recorded and produced the album, and even had drummer James Phillips engineer it in Bombadil’s home studio. The finished product is a landmark achievement for the band, filled with songs that are as catchy and enjoyable as they are complex and evasive.

The ID3 tag classifies Metrics of Affection as “indie rock,” but the album almost defies you to back it into a genre specific corner. In each of the songs, Bombadil shows love for all types of music by embracing almost every style it can. Yet, where some bands would falter and be accused of over-reaching, Bombadil manages to find strength and proudly display it. A perfect example of the musical synchronicity found on the album is an experimental rap-filled number called “Isn’t it Funny” directly preceding the ironically titled “Boring County Song.” While bassist Daniel Michalak ties both songs together with his vocals, the total contrast in composition, style and rhythm makes you stop and pay closer attention.

As a whole, Metrics of Affection is filled with songs that come calling on many musical genres, but never stay for long or past their welcome. Perhaps “indie rock” is the appropriate label for Bombadil, but it is not because the band decided to constrain itself. However a listener chooses to classify Metrics of Affection, it is hard to debate the group’s passion and ability to write memorable music.

Bombadil is currently on the road supporting Metrics of Affection and will be opening for Black Prairie at Eddie’s Attic on Sept. 17 . You can purchase tickets through Eddie’s Attic.


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