Blue October Releases Sway Today

Photo Courtesy Zayra Alvarez


by Danielle Boise


What I love about artists like Blue October is their unadulterated honesty and raw vulnerability that they express lyrically with conscious bravery. Blue October returns with a revitalize reinvestment in itself once more with their seventh studio album, Sway, which was released today, Aug. 20, from Up/Down Records. Justin Furstenfeld’s fingerprints are all over the album, as he either wrote or co-wrote all 13-tracks, plus co-produced the album with David Castell in the early parts of 2013 at Fire Station Studios in Texas.


Sway takes the listener on a journey, filled with the communicational need to connect to this wonderfully all-encompassing thing called life. With added strings, creates a delicate grandeur, “Breathe, It’s Over” is a beautifully solemn song that starts the album off, by representing the thesis statement that Blue October has stamped upon Sway. “Debris” bares the poetic love song with lyrics like “you are the one.”


“Fear” has a great message of about not being fearful, embracing the beauty within and to “get back up.” “Hard Candy” has a bit of an edge as it picks up the pace with more of a rock, industrial-esque bent. For me, personally, “Not Broken Anymore” is a raw example of the redemptive power of love, both that of the unconditional love of others and most importantly of self.


Sway truly embodies the splendor and wonderment of life. In Justin Furstenfeld’s words, “This album is about why life is so beautiful. It’s about facing fears and recognizing miracles every day. It’s about enjoying yourself and realizing that life in not something you can half-ass.”


Blue October will embark on a 45-city tour on Sept. 4 in New Orleans in support of Sway, with “The Sway Tour.” Blue October will be making a stop in Atlanta at Center Stage on Sunday, Sept. 8. Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster.

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