CD Review: Yard of Blondes – Murderology

yardbirds By Lucas McPherson


Hailing from Los Angeles, Calif., folk-rock band Yard of Blondes hits a home-run with their EP titled Murderology.  In this assortment of melodic and painstakingly-built music, inspired by the ‘murder ballads’ of the 19th century, you’ll be transported to a more brutal time and place but via concupiscent chords (perhaps like imagined sirens’ songs), so that you may not even mind, and, indeed, hardly notice, the journey to Davy Jones’ Locker.


The sultry songbirds consist of Vincent W. Jacob (vocals/lyrics/guitar) and Fanny Hill (vocals/piano/organ). Plus, the band’s line-up includes Dean Chamberlain (bass guitar), Will Schlich (guitars) and Ben Lecort (drums). In addition to the folk and rock music, there’s a definite stoner influence. Having listened to the entire EP at least 20 times now, I’d highly recommend it for those into rock with a twist—and, it’s fairly safe to say that if you enjoy bands like Queens of the Stone Age, then you’ll dig this one, too. Highly recommended!


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