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By Russell Eldridge


So, you’ve decided to skip the recording contract and do it yourself.

What does a record company do for a band anyway? Recording has become cheaper and it seems that to some bands a CD feels more like a flier announcing the band’s music than a way to make money doing what they love. At the same time, musicians still need to get their music out there. Where and to whom should musicians submit music? Try Google? Nope, the first ten sites are crap. Now what? The Indie Bible can guide you through your trek, with more than 4200 publications and 3500 radio stations available as a resource.


The Indie Bible recognizes the many different genres and styles of music so you don’t have to worry that the book caters to only rockers if you are looking to promote a country outfit, or rap, or any other style that I can think of. If your band has a sound that doesn’t fit into a category in The Indie Bible you’re most likely doing something wrong or you’re way ahead of your time.


Once the publication or radio station you care to have promote you has been decided, contact has to be made. To some, it’s natural to their personality to get their foot in the door, but how much of that will shine though in an email? Also, some just think they have an irresistible swagger and smile. Imagine how many different submissions a publication receives on a day-to-day basis. The Indie Bible not only contains the contact info, but articles from professionals on what works, what doesn’t and why. Including tips on how to use The Indie Bible itself as a resource.


Could it possibly be made any easier for one to start a career in music? Not for mere mortals.  Seriously, the directories alone would cost $340. So, put down your musical weapon and get to reading and contacting the industry pros. If you feel that all this is too much to handle or you don’t have the resource of time to deal with properly managing and promoting your band or musical outfit, The Indie Bible does contain a section on management and record labels. The fact that an artist or band is “independent” doesn’t preclude it from being on a label or even with a major recording company. There are always aspects to ever career that remain Do-It-Yourself.


The Ultimate Indie Bundle has three components: The Indie Bible e-book, Indie Bible ONLINE and The Indie Venue Bible. Customers that purchase the Bundle also receive next year’s Indie Bible when it is released in mid December. The Bundle also includes 180 articles written by industry experts that covers all of the main areas of music promotion and playing live. Check it out and let us know if you find it a helpful resource by clicking the banner below. Target Audience Magazine DOES make a referral profit, but I have personally read and reviewed the Indie Bible as a gigging musician. I play and teach guitar in the north Georgia area (I teach online as well) and I do use the Indie Bible as well as recommend it as a resource.


Ultimate Indie Bundle Banner

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