Haven, Kansas by Alethea Kontis now available

When my wife and I bought TAM a couple of years ago, we wanted to use the site to help shine a light on the artists, writers and creators behind the projects we love. So, it’s with a great swell of pride that I get to talk about “Haven, Kansas,” a new book from New York Times Bestselling Author, Alethea Kontis.

“Haven, Kansas” has taken a long trip from Alethea’s imagination to the book’s published form, and many drafts were read by a lot of her friends over the past decade. This week, the book was finally published in e-book, hardback and paperback formats. It’s a fun, chilling story that feels as if it should be a part of Joss Whedon’s universe.

With Alethea’s permission, we have decided to cross-post a portion of her acknowledgements Patreon post below:

Haven, Kansas started out as a screenplay I wrote over Fourth of July weekend, sometime around 2004. I decided to turn it into a novel in November of 2005 as my first foray into NaNoWriMo. It was the first book I ever finished, clocking in at a little under 40,000 words. Based on comments from my Codex critique partners, I revised it, made it longer. Worked with established authors—dear friends who loved the concept and gave it their blessing—revising it further still. In 2010, armed with more experience after finishing Enchanted, I revised it again. In 2014, based on the recommendations of my agent who loved the manuscript so much she didn’t want to give up on it, I revised it again.

Countless beta readers, countless edits, countless other books and TV shows called Haven, multiple rounds of rejections from every desk in New York because they just couldn’t find a place for it…this little story has been through the ringer. But we live in the future now! At last, I finally have the ability put this long-beloved gem into your hands.

This book has been over eleven years in the making. To thank everyone involved would take another novel. On top of which, two of those original authors who gave their blessing have since passed away.

I am honored to finally share their blurbs with you…

To read the rest, please visit her blog, and you can buy “Haven, Kansas” here:

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CD Review: ‘Children Of The Program’ by We Love The Underground

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It’s been two and a half months since I finished reading “Children Of The Program” by Brad W. Cox. I was transfixed by the web of intrigue that he painted for the reader, but was also curious as to how he’d perform the next piece of the puzzle. Not only had Cox authored a page-turner of supernatural proportions, but a companion soundtrack to boot. My mind was reeling, trying to figure out how someone could possibly construct a soundtrack for words on a page. These last few weeks that question has been answered, and I’ve had the pleasure of digging into that musical collection.

I’ve debated with myself over how much of the story I should disclose to you wonderful readers, as some of you may not have had the pleasure of reading this novel. Worry not! Even if you haven’t had time to read book, you can absolutely listen to this album and enjoy it for what it is: some damn good music! I also wouldn’t be concerned with this release spoiling the narrative for those who intend to listen first and read later. But for those of you who have read the novel and are curious how true to the story Cox and his cohorts stick with the lyrics, I’d say you can certainly notice the broader strokes that are required considering how much material he had to condense to just 48 minutes of music. Of the 12 characters that take turns having their story told in the book, only the main characters are really focused on here, with most tracks appearing to skip back and forth between different perspectives to progress the narrative. Looking closer at certain lines, we find wonderfully colorful details that add hints of the over-arching theme like a cleverly constructed mosaic.

Children Of The Program is incredibly diverse, containing elements of hard rock, nylon string guitar, heavy metal, and even electronic music. “Hallway Of Souls” pairs perfectly with Chapter 1 of the novel, serving as a haunting symphonic overture, leading into the appropriately titled follow-up track, “Is This Hell?,” an energetic exclamation sure to pull you in. So much of this music is anthemic, like a call to arms, that it’s difficult not to get swept away in tracks like “Back From A Suicide” and “Kids In The Park,” the former touching on the mystical gathering of the twelve, while the latter serving as the antagonist’s rise. Cox and crew show a softer side on “Paint The Desert With My Heart,” which features some beautiful guitar playing by Eric McCullough, along with a poetic spoken word bridge. On the other hand, “Cadence Of The Sun,” features almost robotic verses, with a chorus that just POPS!  “Antibody” ventures into the realm of heavy metal with a back-and-forth dual guitar solo that would make the Iron Maiden boys proud. And boy…the closer! “The Creationist” is a 12 minute epic that appears to be a divine dialogue with the antagonist as the final pages of the book play out. The framework of ascending and descending waves of synthesized notes combined with the supple bass, the exquisite percussion, and the guitar notes that fly by like shooting stars, create a truly grand display.

In my review of We Love The Underground’s last release, Mouthful Of Graffiti, I stated that Cox “continues to impress me with his songwriting abilities and the intensity he instills in each moment that’s been captured.”  This remains true here, but now I have to add Eric McCullough, Patrick Sise [guitars], Joe Ruggiero [bass], Gary Holmes [drums], and Tony Correlli [synths] to that list.  They have poured the totality of their beings into this album to provide it with a synergetic aura, and it shows from start to finish.  I haven’t felt this invigorated and connected to a release in longer than I’d like to remember. Children Of The Program is not only a great album, not only a great adaptation of a fantastic novel, but is a truly brilliant, emotional work of art.

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