CD Review: “Jungle Rot” by Jungle Rot

After 25 years, Jungle Rot decided to name an album after the band. Jungle Rot is the tenth album from the band and is replete with the band’s signature sound of death metal groove and thrashing breakouts. Drummer Jesse Beahler, who played on Terror Regime in 2013, has returned and provides a technical edge missing on the band’s 2015 effort Order Shall Prevail. Album opener “Send Forth Oblivion” showcases Beahler’s skills as the song’s tempo seamlessly shifts from fast to mid-paced. The guitar riffs are chaotic and hit the listener from all sides. “Delusional Denial” is an onslaught of death-meets-thrash with front man and guitarist Dave Matrise unleashing machine gun riffs like a cornered gangster. The following track “A Burning Cinder” continues where “Delusional Denial” left off, providing a maelstrom of blast beats, descending riffs and Matrise harsh lyrics aimed at government corruption and greedy corporate officials. “Triggered” is a good ol’ hardcore stomp with Matrise and second guitarist Geoff Bub hammering out plodding riffs. This track induces headbanging and Matrise’s guttural yell before the breakdown is icing on the bloody cake. “Stay Dead” is another dynamic hitter with a bludgeoning riff that drives the song. The band pays homage to Kreator with a cover of the German thrash legends’ 1987 song “Terrible Uncertainty.” We see Jungle Rot’s thrash influence with this track as it twists and turns like a serpent.

Jungle Rot is superior to its predecessor Order Shall Prevail, as this record is more focused and aggressive. When the band plays fast, it plays fast and when it grooves, it grooves. While Matrise, Bub and bassist James Genenz are especially cohesive on this album, Beahler’s drumming provides the technical framework for the others to expound their playing. The riffs are more technical and the songs less restrained than the tracks on Order Shall Prevail .The production is clear and sharp which is great during the fast parts on this record.

Jungle Rot is arguably the band’s best record since Kill On Command in 2011. This record surpasses the band’s previous two albums by successfully melding the band’s penchant for playing in the pocket with technical precision. Jungle Rot is certainly worth the three year wait. I just hope the next record is released sooner. Highly recommended for fans of death metal and thrash.

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CD Review: ‘Order Shall Prevail’ by Jungle Rot

Jungle Rot march on the war trail with its eighth album Order Shall Prevail. The band’s previous album, Terror Regime, saw the group at its most technical and progressive. That is not a bad thing, however, the band’s signature groove was less prevalent, causing the album to drag in certain spots. However, on Order Shall Prevail, the old school brutal groove is back mixed along with some progressive elements, making it a solid mix of old and new. The opening thrasher “Doomsday” cuts through like a buzzsaw with high intensity drumming. The standout track “Paralyzed Prey” is the album’s initial single and encapsulates everything great about Jungle Rot. The brutal, laid back groove, sludgey riffs, and Dave Matrise’s barking vocals make this a top notch track. The legendary Max Cavalera of Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy makes a guest appearance on “Fight Where You Stand.” The mechanic riffs move along like a tank rolling over bodies while Max belt outs the chorus “No room for cowards/fight where you stand!” The song is an all out take-no-prisoners charge that will get bodies moving in the pit. The eerie riffing on “The Dread Pestilence” conveys the frightening foreshadowing of a widespread plague.


The production on this record is strong just like the band’s previous two releases on Victory Records. The album is not overproduced, and all four instruments are mixed well. The production is much like the band’s songs, simple and to the point. That may turn off some people that want a more “sophisticated” record, but it fits the band perfectly. Besides, this is old school death metal, it’s about the heaviness.

Order Shall Prevail is the band’s best record of the three it has released on Victory Records. It may be the band’s best album in its 20 year history. The record retains Jungle Rot’s signature sound while increasing the technicality of the band. The brutality is not watered down, nor is it too simplified. All is in order on this record and Jungle Rot certainly prevailed.

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