Album Review: “The Erinyes” by The Erinyes

The Erinyes are an international metal supergroup comprised of three vocalists: Justine Daae of Elyose, Nicolette Rossellini of Walk In Darkness and Kalidia, and Mizuho Lin of Semblant. The band’s name is derived from Greek mythology. The Erinyes were three goddesses of vengeance that heard the grievances of mortals and tormented the subjects of their complaints. A fitting name for a metal band. The band’s self-titled debut is an ambitious symphonic metal project as all three vocalists trade chops throughout the record.

The album commences with a “Life Needs Love,” which opens with the vocalists harmonizing over a tranquil piano and bombastic drums. “Drown In Flame” is the initial single, for good reason. It is a driving four-minute track which showcases the vocal talents of the three singers. Guitarist and producer Aldo Lonobile rips a nice solo before the track’s conclusion. “On My Way To Love” follows up with a heavy groove with some good guitar work. The vocalists again shine through particularly on the chorus. The dissonant opening riff on “Betrayed” is accentuated by a pulsating bass line and subdued keyboards. The somber mood of “Betrayed” is broken by “Death By A Broken Heart” with its slight electronica influence and crunchy guitars. “Take Me” is notable for its beautiful, yet urgent chorus and string samples. “You And Me Against The World” concludes the album with sorrowful piano and strings beneath beautiful vocal harmonies. The guitars and percussion kick in and the group ends on a high note.

The vocals are the focal point on The Erinyes. The three singers share the spotlight equally and no singer outshines the other. This is a team effort which makes this an enjoyable album. Aldo did a great job producing this record the vocals do not overshadow the musicianship. The tracks are fairly short, with no song reaching the five minute mark. Thus, it is an accessible album that does not outstay its welcome.

Fans of symphonic, goth and power metal will certainly enjoy the three voice attack on The Erinyes. The musicianship is dynamic, but not too simplistic, which should appease fans that want some complexity in their metal. In all, the gods smile on this debut album.

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