To Kill A Monster Releases New Single

Columbus Ohio rock band To Kill A Monster has just dropped their latest song, “Whiskey”. The radio-ready single features some of the best songwriting the band has done to date and is sure to be an instant crowd pleaser.

Hilariously, the track started out as more of a take on a country song, than an actual full-fledged idea. “Lyrically, the song started kind of country-style, with the lyrics playing with the idea of that typical “hot” girl that everyone likes as the Tall Drink Of Water,” explains the band. “What started as a corny idea, slowly turned into a more straightforward radio-friendly rock song that hopefully will catch listeners in a way our catalog hasn’t yet.” Though the song may sound like a departure from To Kill A Monster’s previous offerings, that’s not something the band shies away from. “We’re never afraid to stray into any genre and hopefully everyone can enjoy this radio take while we continue with the rest of the wide range of music we’re working on.”

“Whiskey” was recorded at Black Moon Recordings with Bryan Ream and Unnus Latif. Along with the single, the band has also released a streaming visualizer. “Whiskey” is now available across all major streaming platforms. Listen to it now on Spotify or watch the video on YouTube below.

To Kill A Monster was born in 2008. Since the beginning, they have set out to produce a sound that is nearly indescribable and a live show that is totally unforgettable. To Kill A Monster maintains that music is better as an inspiration to be happy than a tool to promote negativity, this is why their songs are almost always upbeat, dancey, or at least about nerdy subjects. Not taking after any one band or a specific sound, they have always been influenced by bands like The Offspring, Story Of The Year, Eve 6, The Used, Every Time I Die, Weezer, Tenacious D, and countless others.

 To Kill A Monster extensively plays shows anywhere they can, and want to reach as many more as possible.  They’ve played everything from truck beds in yards, house parties, venues all over, to arenas, and festivals like Cornerstone, MSM Fest, and Vans Warped Tour.

To Kill A Monster’s mission is simply to help add some fun back into as many people’s lives as possible by means of their intense blend of super high energy alternative rock, dance, hardcore, punk, and pop that is lovingly full of rhythmic energy and originality.  To Kill a Monster lives to write songs that provide inspiration and energy to achieve any goal and to do so with a smile on your face. Each song is written to be a direct reflection of the life, love, fun, and feelings of everyone and everything around them.  Music is their life, passion, and dream. Music saved their lives and they do this in the hopes that To Kill A Monster can do the same for others.

To Kill A Monster Is:
Joey Lawson – Singer
Corey Melton – Drums
Scott Borealis – Guitar
James Barron – Guitar
Josh Spence – Bass

Connect With To Kill A Monster:
Instagram / Facebook / Spotify

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