Salvo Releases New Album ‘The Traveler’

Birmingham, Al rock band Salvo has just released their new album, The Traveler, on Asbestos Records. The 14-track album features the singles Anything Can Happen Day and Crime of the Century“It is an album that rocks and is filled with passion and love, and most members of the human race can happily enjoy it just on that level,” explains the band. “But the compositions are complex, too–sometimes deceptively so, and people who love intelligent and surprising music will listen over and over and still catch things they hadn’t before!”

Many of the band members of Salvo used to be in Pain, who released four albums and toured heavily in the ’90’s, earning a nationwide fan base that remains gleefully loyal. Pain produced videos, recorded for Cartoon Network, had their songs included in television soundtracks and worked relentlessly as one of the most unique pop-punk bands to come out of the post-grunge era. After a much-needed hiatus, most of Pain has returned as Salvo. Frontman, Dan Lord, and guitarist, Adam Guthrie, have assembled veteran bandmates and brilliant new talent to create Salvo, and their new music is garnering new generations of eager fans.

The album was recorded at Ol’ Elegante Studio in Birmingham, AL, in the Winter of 2021 & Spring of 2022. Releasing the album on Asbestos Records was years in the making. “Matt Flood, the CEO of Asbestos Records, was a longtime fan of the music we’d produced previously and had discussed the possibility of a new record with Salvo guitar player, Adam Guthrie, a few times over a couple of casual beers,” explains the band. “Nothing could ever lift off, though, because the band was scattered and in limbo. Finally, we re-formed as Salvo, and as we were preparing to make our second record under that name, we struck up a timely conversation with Matt again and he happily agreed to join forces with us.”

The Traveler is now available on all digital streaming platforms and is currently for sale on vinyl and CD through Asbestos Records. Listen to “Crime Of the Century” now on Spotify or watch the video on YouTube below.

Anything Can Happen Day and Crime of the Century

Salvo’s music has the kind of melodic style, catchy beats, dynamic instrumentation, and evocative lyrics that Pain always delivered, but with a new maturity and mastery that leaves listeners delighted. They are celebrating the release of The Traveler with an Album Release and street party in Winston-Salem,NC on Sept 3rd.

Winston-Salem, NC September 3, 2022 Album Release and Street Party.

Salvo Is:
Dan Lord: vocals, co-songwriter
Adam Guthrie: guitars, co-songwriter
Adrian Marmalejo: bass
Will Hudson: drums
Christopher Johnson: saxophone
Jason Reid: trombone
Jack Pritchet: trumpet
David Hornbuckle: keys
Rachael Wilson: guitars, vocals

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