CD review: ‘Scarab’ by Queen Elephantine



Queen Elephantine expanded its sound with the band’s fourth full length album, Scarab, which was released during the summer of 2013 on Cosmic Eye Records (LP) and on Heart & Crossbone Records (CD) respectively.


Scarab is filled with a macabre of melodic, dark, sensual and heady textures of instrumental elements culminating in the creation of a journey in self-discovery. Dripping in darkness, almost slick as if coated in a sheen of oil, Scarab brings an, albeit primitive, almost instinctual essence to the four tracks as Queen Elephantine forms a mesmerizing realm of escapism to jump into.


From the first track, “Veil,” Scarab bleeds together to create an alternative dimension of thought and appreciation that carries as the thesis statement throughout the entire LP. Sparsely punctuated with actual lyrical content, rather the songs feel more like it’s about the harmonic alignment of the use of multi-layered instruments that coalescence to pierce the veil between realities. Then when vocal tracks are introduced, it’s as if it’s a haunted dream the listener is floating within.


Be prepared, Scarab is an album you want to fully immerse yourself in. It’s all consuming ride, ripping out a place inside of you as Scarab bores itself into that hole, as it claims a part of your soul. And you will forever be thankful for that experience.

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